A Case Study in Occupant Evacuation Elevators by Jeff Maddox, PE

Jeff Maddox, P.E., with The Fire Consultants, has written a great article in the latest Fire Protection Engineering magazine, which is SFPE's flagship publication for fire protection engineering. The article is available online for SFPE members at this link. Look for the digital formats, and then go to the current issue which is Q4 2017. His article starts on p. 32. 

Jeff's work on the first Occupant Evacuation Elevators on the west coast for the 57-story, 805ft tall 181 Freemont project has opened the doors, so to speak, for use of elevators for egress in high-rise office and residential buildings. He will be presenting this work at the February 16, 2018 meeting in Walnut Creek, CA.

Congratulations, Jeff!