UL has recently conducted research on a wide array of current products and systems originally certified under UL 2196, Tests for Fire Resistive Cables and ULC-S139, Standard Method of Fire Test for Evaluation of Integrity of Electrical Cables and determined that they no longer consistently achieve a two-hour fire-resistive rating when subjected to the standard Fire Endurance Test of UL2196 or ULC-S139. Consequently, UL and ULC will not be able to offer certification to the current program related to these standards.

As a result, manufacturers are no longer authorized to place the UL mark or ULC mark on the following products including Circuit Integrity Cable installed in "free air" or "in conduit:"

  • UL Classified Fire Resistive Cable (FHJR)
  • UL Listed cable with "-CI" suffix (Circuit Integrity)
  • ULC Listed Fire Resistant Cable-Circuit Integrity Rating (CIR) Cable (FHJRC)

Furthermore, UL has made the following adjustments to its Certification Directory regarding Electrical Circuit Protective Systems:

For more information, visit the UL website at: http://www.ul.com/global/eng/pages/offerings/perspectives/regulator/fire/cables/